Van Gogh Vodka Bar

Just like Van Gogh, we take inspiration from the soothing nature around us to create drinkable masterpieces in a glass. The sophisticated yet casual feel of Van Gogh together with an attentive service will make you come back to time after time.

Choose from many distinctive concoctions, all made with the world renowned Van Gogh Vodka to cease the day or as you wait for your group to arrive to start an evening on the town. Stay connected here and at all our restaurant, bars and lounges enjoying the free Wi-Fi.

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Rose Lounge & Restaurant

From the moment you arrive, you know this is someplace just unique. With a contemporary approach to the classics, this restaurant proposes to tempt every palate for breakfast, lunch and dinner while providing a multi-sensorial dining experience. The posh ambience of Rose Lounge welcomes the guests at Perle du2019Or. The styling is beyond measure, and you canu2019t help but feel comfortable blending in.u00a0Stop by any time to savor our exquisite selection of Martinis.

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